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Custom Gaming PC



Welcome to our Gaming PC Builder.

We have consolidated our selection of the highest performing, most reliable, best looking & most outstanding value-for-money components to make it easy for you to choose the right machine for your taste & budget. Make your choices & our experts will build & deliver your ultimate custom gaming PC.

Our excellent Gaming PC Base Package is already selected. Just make changes as you go as per your requirements. You can go back at any time to review or change your choices. Click 'next' to begin.

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Step 1: Choose your Operating System option

Operating System

We install Windows 10 Pro on your desktop PC

We install the latest version of Microsoft Windows 10 Professional Edition (RRP: $299) on your PC. We provide your genuine product key on your invoice.

Make your choice:

Step 2: Choose your Motherboard option


The anchor of all our gaming systems is the Gigabyte B360M-D3H Gaming Motherboard. We'd run out of room here if we tried to list all the features, but to give you a snapshot: 8th-Generation Intel Core support, 8 USB ports, dual-channel DDR4 2400, SupremeFX audio, top-speed networking, award-winning BIOS design (EZ Mode + Advanced Mode) and our favourite - ultra-durable, smart-designed components & features. And of course, it looks insane too.

If you have motherboard requirements that are different to our Gigabyte  Gaming Board, just contact us and let us know.

Custom Gaming Desktop Motherboard
Make your choice:

Step 3: Choose your Processor option

Processor (CPU)

Intel i3 8100

Intel i5 8400 / 8500 / 8600

Intel i7 8700

Our gaming CPU options are all 8th Generation Coffee Lake Intel processors. The higher in price you go, the better the processor. If you want the best, get an i7. The i5's are the highest value picks. We offer 3 types of i5's that are separated by performance boosts. If you're on a budget, the i3 is your friend - there's not much that it won't do when it comes to running games. The i3 remains a far better gaming CPU than that found in most entry-level gaming packages advertised.

Make your choice:

Step 4: Choose your Memory option

Memory (RAM)


Reliable & high-performing, Hyper-X Fury DDR4 is our choice for 2666MHz gaming RAM. It features low 1.2 volt consumption, heat-spreading design and in our experience it is a reliable, consistent performer.

Make your choice:

Step 5: Choose your Hard Drive option

Hard Drive (HDD)

Standard Hard Drive

Choose a standard hard drive in capacities of 1TB, 2TB or 3TB (7200 RPM).

Solid State Drive (SSD)

Instead of a standard hard drive, choose a mega-fast Kingston Solid State Drive (SSD) in capacities of 240GB or 480GB, which reaches lightning read speeds up to 550 Mb/s & write speeds up to 500 Mb/s.

HDD + SSD Combo

To achieve the warp speed of an SSD and the larger storage capacity of a standard hard drive, we recommend choosing one of our HHD/SSD combos. Your operating system and programs are run off the SSD, and your files are kept on the standard drive. It is important to note that as a custom service to you, we fully map these drives to work together seamlessly, so that you can conveniently keep using the default Windows 10 file structure as per normal.

Speed & reliablility are our number one priorities when it comes to hard drive brands. Statistically, Toshiba make the #1 most reliable hard drives in the world, so that's what we use. For our SSDs, our experience finds that Kingston is the most reliable, and very fast in real-world conditions.

Make your choice:

Step 6: Choose your Graphics Card option

Graphics Card

Radeon RX 550 2GB
Graphics Card
Radeon R9 380 4GB
Graphics Card
Radeon R9 390 8GB
Graphics Card
Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti 2GB
Graphics Card
Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti 4GB
Graphics Card
Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB
Graphics Card
Nvidia GTX 1070 8GB
Graphics Card
Nvidia GTX 1080 8GB
Graphics Card

This step is the most important and the equation is simple: if you want to get the best performing gaming machine you can, get the best graphics card you can afford. The graphics card (GPU) does most of the heavy lifting for you when running games. We all have limited time and money, so if your budget allows you to spend more on one PC component than on others - make it the graphics card. Micro-analysing other component specs is usually not worth the investment when you can just - you guessed it - get a better graphics card.

Make your choice:

Step 7: Choose your Optical Drive option

Optical Drive

ASUS DVD Player / Burner

LG BluRay Player / Burner

These days most media is loaded via USB or download, so a DVD player/burner is not part of our base model. If you need it, add an excellent ASUS 24x DVD burner. If you want your PC to be a full-service entertainment centre, add a high quality LG BluRay burner (10x BDR; 16x DVDR).

Make your choice:

Step 8: Choose your Case option


Tesseract (Black with Blue)

Tesseract (Black with Red)

Tesseract (White)


Dukase (White)

Versa N21

Make your choice:

Step 9: Choose your Power Supply option

Power Supply

Corsair VS 550w 80+
Antec VP 600W 80+
Corsair VS 650w 80+
Antec VP 700w 80+

Choosing an appropriate power supply for your gaming PC is made easy at this step. Our base default Corsair 550w power supply will run any of the PC combinations made with this PC builder. However, it is a good idea to give yourself some headroom with the power supply, depending on the complexity of the PC you are making. Just work off a sliding scale from an entry-level PC all the way to a 'best-of-everything' PC. The more involved your PC is, the more power it will consume and therefore the greater the power supply wattage we recommend in order to run it comfortably.

All our power supply options meet the 80 Plus standard. For you technically-minded people out there - the 80 PLUS® performance specification requires power supplies to be 80% or greater energy efficient at 10, 20, 50 and 100% of rated load with a true power factor of 0.9 or greater. In layman's terms - they're officially certified as far more efficient than typical power supplies.

Make your choice:

Step 10: Choose your Extra Cooling option

Extra Cooling

This option allows you to opt for two extra Cooler Master fans for additional air cooling.

Make your choice:

Step 11: Choose your Monitor option


Viewsonic 24" 1ms Gaming

LED Back-lit LCD Monitor / Full HD (1920 x 1080) / 1ms Response Time / DisplayPort / HDMI / D-Sub

Asus 23.6" 1ms Gaming

LED Back-lit LCD Monitor / Full HD (1920 x 1080) / 1ms Response Time / HDMI / D-Sub / DVI

Samsung 27" 1ms Gaming

LED Back-lit LCD Monitor / Full HD (1920 x 1080) / 1ms Response Time / DisplayPort / HDMI / D-Sub

Asus 27" 1ms Gaming

LED Back-lit LCD Monitor / Full HD (1920 x 1080) / 1ms Response Time / HDMI / D-Sub / DVI

Choose a 24" or 27" inch 1 millisecond gaming monitor option by Viewsonic or Asus. We are so impressed by Viewsonic's gaming monitors that they are our choice for performance and value. Viewsonic has long been a pioneer in the AV technology industry, and now their gaming monitors are taking everyone by surprise. If you need proof of this - read the reviews! Prodigious Viewsonic or gaming giant Asus, you can't go wrong with any of our gaming monitor options - it comes down to personal preference.

Make your choice:

Step 12: Choose your Keyboard & Mouse option

Keyboard & Mouse


The Devastator combo features blue LED backlighting (on/off), laser-etched & grip coated key caps, membrane design, multi-media keys & more.


The Coolermaster Octane combo features membrane construction, laser-etched gripped key caps, full LED backlighting (on/off) with your choice of 7 colours and an adjustable pulsating mode.

Masterkeys Lite

The Coolermaster Masterkeys Lite combo delivers elite tactile function and the brightest LED's, capable of 16.7 million colours. These are packaged with a string of other features within a minimalistic design, which is why we love it so much. Coolermaster really lets the performance do the talking with this release.

Many products look good in pictures but disappoint when you get them. That is never the case with Coolermaster, which is why they are our choice for keyboard & mouse combos. Coolermaster products are well-researched and well-constructed which makes for a tactile gaming advantage. Aesthetically, they are awesome.

Make your choice:

Step 13: Choose your Speakers option


Logitech Z120
Logitech Z150
Logitech Z200

Our selection of stereo speakers comes from Logitech, who never let us down. Select one of these crisp sonic options according to your audio needs. We keep the options simple & compact here for hassle-free, plug-n-play use and ease of shipping.

Make your choice:

Step 14: Choose your Headset option


Logitech H110


Logitech H390


Logitech H540


Logitech H600


More quality audio options from Logitech. We've tested these headset options and the result is total immersion in the game with great clarity and control. Gaming is a test of the senses - don't neglect the advantage of sensing the subtle audio cues programmed into the best releases.

Make your choice:

Step 15: Choose your Software option

Software Installed

Microsoft Office Professional 2016

Get the latest & most complete suite of Professional Edition Microsoft Office programs for the lowly RRP of the Home Edition. Includes everything you need: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, Access & more. Fully installed by us - ready to go. Perpetual (never-ending) licence. RRP: $595 without installation.

Kaspersky Total Security 2016

It is critical to have strong internet security protection against viruses, trojans & hacker threats. We don't touch an internet browser without Kaspersky installed on our computers. This installation is for a 1 year licence. You can also use the serial number to protect your mobile or tablet for 1 year.

We offer two essential software programs on your PC - Microsoft Office Pro 2016 and Kaspersky Total Security. If selected, these programs are provided at a heavily discounted price and fully installed by us. We include the genuine product keys on your tax invoice for your records.

Make your choice:

Step 16: Choose your Connectivity option


D-Link WiFi Adapter

300 Mhz, USB Powered

Logitech HD Webcam + Mic

720P HD, USB Powered

Bluetooth 4.0 Adapter

Bluetooth 4.0, USB Powered

Choose what you need from these USB-powered devices. If you need to connect wirelessly to your modem, you'll need the wi-fi adapter. The same goes with the Bluetooth adapter if you connect your devices with Bluetooth. Our choice for an HD webcam is Logitech, which also has a built-in microphone. You'll need this for Skype, video-link gaming etc.

Make your choice:

Step 17: Choose your Warranty option

Extended Warranty

Your PC comes with a 2-year full hardware replacement warranty.

Our PCs are built to last - we care about our customers and reputation and as a business, we don't want the cost and inconvenience of returns. So it's simple: have the best and most reliable products in the first place to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

If you believe something isn't working as it should, simply contact us and we will troubleshoot it with you in order to determine the problem. If any hardware is found to be faulty under normal usage conditions, we will without hesitation replace the faulty part. We want our customers to be happy. You can view the full warranty here (Warranty opens in a new tab; this window remains open).

You can extend your warranty to 3 years for extra peace-of-mind.

Make your choice:

Step 18: Choose your Delivery option


We send your PC order for free and personally contact you to discuss and confirm delivery details.

Make your choice:

Summary & Checkout

We will assemble & load your PC as follows:

1. Operating System Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit
2. Motherboard Gigabyte B360M-D3H Gaming Gigabyte B360M-D3H Gaming
3. Processor Intel i3 8100 Intel i3 8100
4. Memory 8GB DDR4 RAM 8GB DDR4 RAM
5. Hard Drive 1TB 1TB
6. Graphics Card Radeon RX 550 2GB Radeon RX 550 2GB
7. Optical Drive None None
8. Case Comrade Comrade
9. Power Supply Corsair VS 550w 80+ Corsair VS 550w 80+
10. Extra Cooling None None
11. Monitor Viewsonic 24" 1ms Viewsonic 24" 1ms
12. Keyboard & Mouse Devastator Devastator
13. Speakers Logitech Z120 Logitech Z120
14. Headset None None
15. Software None
16. Connectivity None
17. Warranty 2 Year Standard 2 Year Standard
18. Delivery Free Delivery Free Delivery

Your PC comes with:

Your Own Specs
Choose your own specs Customise your ultimate specs for elite value & performance
Windows 10 Pro
Windows 10 Pro We install the latest Windows 10 Professional Edition on your PC
Free Delivery
Free delivery Free delivery Australia-wide, personally monitored by us
2-Year Warranty
2 year warranty Rock-solid 2-year full hardware replacement warranty

Choose from top brands including:

Choose from the best gaming brands


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Special Requests

If you require things that aren't listed, just call us. We can build whatever you need.