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Summer Extended Hours
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Terms & Conditions

By placing an order with Make My PC you agree to the following:

i.  Advice Given: The advice we give you is general and may not take into account every exhaustive detail regarding your computer needs. We rely on you to describe what you need and we provide general advice based on what you tell us. Ultimately you are responsible for making the final decision on what you need based on the information you collect and the weight you assign to the various sources of that information.

ii. In situations where very specific computer requirements need to be met, only a proper IT audit can formally identify your needs and specify IT solutions. If you believe that general advice will be insufficient, please ask us about an IT audit prior to purchase.

iii. Warranty Agreement:  You have read our Warranty Agreement and agree to the warranty terms and conditions specified within it.

iv. Returns & Refunds:  Once an order is paid for, there are no cancellations or refunds. We are dedicated to taking care of our customers, but cannot refund or cancel orders that a customer has committed to and paid for.  Returns are only facilitated by us under the terms of the Warranty Agreement for replacement purposes.

v. Product Information:  We provide as much information about each component as we can to enable informed decisions to be made at each selection step of our PC Builder. We avoid confusing our customers by inundating them with additional pages of potentially meaningless technical jargon. If your requirements are very specific or if you are unclear about what is being described, please contact us and we will happily clarify it for you.  By proceeding with an order you confirm that no such reasonable uncertainty exists regarding the product being purchased.

vi. Product Images:  All product images used on our website are for display purposes only. We choose the best images that we have available in order to present the core product to you in the best way we deem appropriate. However, variations in options, product releases, product packaging and the fact that we assemble the PC towers for you resulting in no packaging, and also whether we choose to include packaging, means that the images used are representative only. Also note that collated images of different products side-by-side will not always be to scale, due to how difficult that is to achieve. If there is any aspect of any product or component for which you require clarification, please contact us prior to checkout.

vii. Component Availability:  If a component identified by brand is out of stock at the time your order is made and we are unable to acquire it in time, we will use what we consider to be an equivalent or better brand and will notify you of this change prior to shipping your order to you.

viii. Shipping:  We send your PC via courier and personally contact you to discuss and confirm delivery details. We take no responsibility for shipping delays, since we have no control over it. Delivery times will vary according to their service standard for delivery from Sydney to your location. We will always provide you with a tracking number for your order.  In the rare event of a problem with delivery, we will resolve it on your behalf wherever possible. Action by you may be required at the time to achieve full resolution.

ix.  Dispatch:  Orders are usually completed and shipped within 72 hours.  This may change if your order is of a particularly large quantity, or involves specialised components or out of stock components.  We will communicate dispatch times with you in these circumstances, otherwise, we work to our 72-hour turn-around for regular orders.  If timing is of critical importance to your order, please don't hesitate to contact us to confirm the likely dispatch period for your specific order prior to checkout.

x.  Contact:  For any enquiries please call us on 1300 891 639, or Live Chat/Leave A Message on our site, or email us: [email protected].  Phone, email & chat are the only ways by which we can assist customers with enquiries.  Please call or email us with any enquiries and we will be happy to assist.We are currently transitioning to a purpose-built facility.