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Welcome to our Desktop PC builder.

At each step, choose the PC features you want from our selection of the best-performing & most reliable options. We assemble your PC, load it with Windows 10/11 Pro & send it to you ready-to-go within 72 hours.

Our Systems come with

-  Support for Dual Screen Setup
-  8 x USB Ports (Including the latest USB 3.2/3.0 & USB 2.0 Front & Rear)
-  1GB Ethernet LAN
-  HD Audio w/Front Headset Connectivity
-  AC Dual Band WiFi - for Wireless Internet Access

Our excellent Pro Desktop Base Package is already selected. You just make changes as you go as per your requirements. You can go back at any time to review or change your choices. Click 'next' to begin.

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Don't hesitate to call us on 1300 891 639 or live chat with us if you have any questions.

Step 1: Choose your Operating System option

Operating System

We install Windows 10 / 11 Pro on your desktop PC

We install the latest version of Microsoft Windows 10/11 Professional Edition (RRP: $299) on your PC.

Make your choice:

Step 2: Choose your Processor option

Processor (CPU)


Dual-Core 3.5Ghz/3.9GHz Turbo + Quad-Core R5 Graphics

Pentium Gold G6400

Dual-Core 4 Thread 4GHz + Intel UHD 610

AMD Ryzen 3

Quad Core 3.6GHz/4GHz Turbo + 8 Core Radeon Vega 8 Graphics

AMD Ryzen 5

4 Core 8 Thread 3.7GHz/4.2GHz Turbo + 11 Core Radeon Vega 11 Graphics

Intel Core i3 10100

3.6Ghz/4.2GHz Turbo Quad Core 4 Threads + Intel UHD 630 Graphics

Intel Core i5 10400

2.9/4.1Ghz Turbo 6 Core 6 threads + Intel UHD 630

Intel Core i7 10700

3.0/4.7GHz Turbo 8 Core 8 Thread + Intel UHD 630 Graphics

Intel Core i9 10900

3.1/5GHz Turbo 8 Core 16 Thread + Intel UHD 630 Graphics

The processor is the most important part of your PC and there are two brands: AMD & Intel. The higher the price, the faster the processor. We recommend getting the best processor your budget will allow. This will give you a faster PC which remains up-to-date for longer. Our base default processor is the AMD Athlon 3000G and it will easily handle general home & office functions such as web browsing& word processing etc. For heavier PC use and more resource-intensive programs, consider upgrading according to your budget.

Make your choice:

Step 3: Choose your Memory option

Memory (RAM)

4 GB DDR4-3200 RAM

8 GB DDR4-3200 RAM

16 GB DDR4-3200 RAM
32 GB DDR4-3200 RAM

4GB of memory will handle home & office functions, but the rule is simple: the more the better. Opting for extra RAM is an inexpensive change that will make a big difference. We find Kingston to be the best brand for RAM.

Make your choice:

Step 4: Choose your Hard Drive option

Hard Drive (HDD)

NVMe M.2 SSD and NVMe M.2 SSD + HDD Combination

Choose a extremely fast NVMe M.2 SSD (These run up to 35 times faster than a standard HDD giving you instant loading of both Windows and Software) in capacities of 500GB and 1TB.

Pair with a standard hard drive to give you lightning fast loading of your Operating System and Software whilst also providing plenty of extra space for data

Make your choice:

Step 5: Choose your Optical Drive option

Optical Drive

LG DVD Player / Burner

LG BluRay Player / Burner

These days most media is loaded via USB or download, so a DVD player/burner is not part of our base model. If you need it, add an excellent LG 24x DVD burner. If you want your PC to be a full-service entertainment centre, add a high quality LG BluRay burner (10x BDR; 16x DVDR).

Make your choice:

Step 6: Choose your Graphics Card option

Graphics Card

GeForce GT 1030 2GB

GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB

Your processor (CPU) already has native in-built HD graphics capabilities. So, for general use such as internet browsing and high-definition video viewing you don't need a graphics card. You can even experience 4K resolutions thanks to the native CPU graphics if your monitor supports it. Here we provide two graphics card options powered by Nvidia if you plan to use graphics-intensive programs relating to video edition, animation, 3D design or gaming. Note that if you want a PC fine-tuned for gaming, you should be on our gaming PC page!

Make your choice:

Step 7: Choose your Case option


MasterBox E300L

Desktop PC Case

356.8 x 183 x 436mm (mini-tower) / Metal main, plastic front

Elite Grey

Desktop PC Case

356.8 x 183 x 436mm (mini-tower) / Metal main, plastic front

All our Desktop PC's come with either a Cooler Master Elite 344 or Cooler Master MasterBox E300L Tower Case. Choose between the piano black (Elite 344) or the brushed metal finish ( MasterBox E300L). Our case designs are sleek, practical & fit stylishly into any home or professional environment. They also have a strong construction that is mostly metal.

Make your choice:

Step 8: Choose your Screen option

Screen (Monitor)

Acer 21.5" Full HD IPS LED

Desktop PC Monitor

LED Back-lit LCD Monitor / Full HD (1920 x 1080) / 5ms Response Time / D-Sub / HDMI

Samsung 24" Full HD IPS LED

Desktop PC Monitor

LED Back-lit LCD Monitor / Full HD (1920 x 1080) / 2ms Response Time / D-Sub / HDMI


Desktop PC Monitor

LED Back-lit LCD Monitor / Full HD (1920 x 1080) / 5ms Response Time / HDMI / D-Sub

Select a 21.5", 24" or 27" inch monitor option by Acer or Samsung or MSI. Each one is a full HD widescreen LED monitor featuring a HDMI connection for a superior HD experience. You can also order these screens in pairs which is something to consider if you are looking to be more productive. You can have different windows & programs open on different screens - emails one side, spreadsheet or internet browser another side etc.

Make your choice:

Step 9: Choose your Speakers option


Z120 Speakers

Desktop PC Small Stereo Speakers

We're keeping it simple & practical here. You have the option of a great pair of small USB-powered speakers. These little surprise packets are pound-for-pound as clear & effective as you'll find anywhere for general use. Just choose your colour. [50Hz ~ 20kHz Frequency Response / 2x2" Driver Size / 6 watts Total Output (RMS)]

Make your choice:

Step 10: Choose your Keyboard & Mouse option

Keyboard & Mouse


Desktop PC Keyboard and Mouse


Desktop PC Keyboard and Mouse
Wireless Premium
Desktop PC Keyboard and Mouse

Select from 3 quality Logitech USB-powered keyboard & mouse combinations. The default set has cords, while the other two options are wireless.

Make your choice:

Step 11: Choose your Connectivity option


Microsoft HD-3000 Webcam + Mic

720P HD, USB Powered

Bluetooth Adapter

Bluetooth, USB Powered

AC Dual Band WIFI Internal

AC Dual Band WIFI Internal

Choose what you need from these connectivity devices. Your PC comes standard with a USB AC dual band WiFi dongle. If you need higher speeds our internal PCIe AC dual band WiFi cards can run up to 1733mb/s, making it over 5 times faster than an N300 WiFi. All our WiFi options support 2.4 and 5GHz . You will need to add a Bluetooth adapter if you connect your devices with Bluetooth. Our choice for an HD webcam is Microsoft, which also has a built-in microphone. You'll need this for Skype & video conferencing etc.

Make your choice:

Step 12: Choose your Software option

Software Installed

Microsoft Office Professional 2019

Get the latest & most complete suite of Professional Edition Microsoft Office programs for the lowly RRP of the Home Edition. Includes everything you need: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, Access & more. Fully installed by us - ready to go. Perpetual (never-ending) licence. RRP: $595 without installation.

Kaspersky Total Security 2022

It is critical to have strong internet security protection against viruses, trojans & hacker threats. We don't touch an internet browser without Kaspersky installed on our computers. This installation is for a 1 year licence. You can also use the serial number to protect your mobile or tablet for 1 year.

We offer two essential software programs on your PC - Microsoft Office Pro 2019 and Kaspersky Total Security. If selected, these programs are provided at a heavily discounted price and fully installed by us. We include the genuine product keys on your tax invoice for your records.

Make your choice:

Step 13: Choose your Warranty option

Extended Warranty

Your PC comes with a 2-year full hardware replacement warranty.

Our PCs are built to last - we care about our customers and reputation and as a business, we don't want the cost and inconvenience of returns. So it's simple: have the best and most reliable products in the first place to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

If you believe something isn't working as it should, simply contact us and we will troubleshoot it with you in order to determine the problem. If any hardware is found to be faulty under normal usage conditions, we will without hesitation replace the faulty part. We want our customers to be happy. You can view the full warranty here (Warranty opens in a new tab; this window remains open).

You can extend your warranty to 3 years for extra peace-of-mind.

Make your choice:

Step 14: Choose your Delivery option


We send your PC order for free and personally contact you to discuss and confirm delivery details.

Make your choice:

Summary & Checkout

We will assemble & load your PC as follows:

1. Operating System Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit
2. Processor AMD Athlon 3000G AMD Athlon 3000G
3. Memory 4GB RAM 4GB RAM
4. Hard Drive 500GB NVMe SSD 500GB NVMe SSD
5. Optical Drive None None
6. Graphics Card Native CPU Graphics Native CPU Graphics
7. Case Masterbox E300L Masterbox E300L
8. Screen 21.5 Inch 21.5 Inch
9. Speakers Z120 Z120
10. Keyboard & Mouse Corded Corded
11. Connectivity None
12. Software None
13. Warranty 2 Year Standard 2 Year Standard
14. Delivery Free Delivery Free Delivery

Your PC comes with:

Your Own Specs
Choose your own specs Customise your ultimate specs for elite value & performance
Windows 10 Pro
Windows 10 Pro We install the latest Windows 10 Professional Edition on your PC
Free Delivery
Free delivery Free delivery Australia-wide, personally monitored by us
2-Year Warranty
2 year warranty Rock-solid 2-year full hardware replacement warranty

Choose from top brands including:

Choose from the best desktop brands


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Special Requests

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