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Warranty Agreement

Make My PC custom-builds desktop PCs for it’s customers, using high-quality, genuine components and an uncompromising approach to the entire process. With the number of different parts involved from different brands (true of any desktop PC purchase), this warranty agreement is an important document which ensures that you are protected from hardware faults for the specified period of time.

Make My PC Warranty Agreement

This Warranty Agreement is between Make My PC and it's customers.

I. Warranty Period

The standard warranty period by is for all purchases is 2 years from the date of courier delivery confirmation. Customers who opt for a 3 year warranty will have a warranty term lasting for 3 years from delivery confirmation. The Warranty terms are the same for both the 1 and the 3 year terms.

II. Type of Warranty

The warranty is a hardware replacement warranty, whereby the faulty part is replaced (eg. memory stick) or a group of connected parts are replaced (eg, the whole PC tower). This is determined by us on a case-by-case basis.

III. What is covered

All hardware is covered for the relevant warranty period. Hardware is defined as any physical part of the computer that you can touch eg. hard drive, screen, keyboard, cables etc.

IV. What is not covered

i. Software Issues

We correctly install and test the software that may come with your PC – Microsoft Windows 10 Pro x64, Microsoft Office or Kaspersky Total Security. However we have no control over any bugs or limitations that can appear inside any software programs that we install for you. Furthermore, we don’t have any control over software changes or installations that customers make when using their PC and the effect that this has on their system and/or their existing software. Along with the unclear number of Microsoft bugs that may be present, 3rd party programs, shareware, freeware, user configurations and malicious programs are all things that the computer user is in control of and responsible for, and over which we have no control whatsoever. This is why we cannot cover software issues in the Warranty. Customers will find that this is a standard exclusion found in virtually all computer warranty agreements for the aforementioned reasons.

Regarding the software that we provide, you can use your genuine product key to approach the 3rd party software publishers directly should you need to discuss software issues with them.

ii. Damage or fault deemed to be caused by misuse or use outside normal conditions

We will not replace any parts under warranty if upon troubleshooting or inspection we assess the damage to be reasonably caused by misuse, which includes abuse or use outside of normal conditions. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Water damage
  • Power surge damage
  • Fire damage
  • Extreme hot or cold temperatures
  • Outdoor use or excessive sun exposure
  • Poorly maintained operating environment (eg. the permeating indoor presence of building dust, harsh chemicals, problematic air moisture content or cigarette smoke)
  • Impact damage (dropping any part of the PC, or knocking it etc)
  • Cleaning damage from using inappropriately harsh or corrosive chemicals or cleaning products
  • Any type of over-clocking - CPU or other (not recommended or supported by us)
  • Deliberate damage or destruction
  • Any physical sign of attempted access, repair, alteration or customisation without you speaking to us first.
  • Any physical or environmental abuse
We reserve the right to determine whether misuse has occurred. Keep in mind that we want you to be a very happy customer, and it is not our intention to look for these things. However if they are obviously the root cause or contributing factor to any PC problems, the warranty is therefore void and we will not replace the affected components under warranty.

iii. Data Loss

We are not responsible in any way for data loss experienced for any reason under any conditions for any of the PC components, systems or features that we sell. Data loss is very difficult to trace back to a specific cause (software failures, user error, hackers, physical impact, malicious intruders etc), the value of data is completely subjective and the PC user needs to be reasonably diligent enough to make regular offsite backups. Due to the sheer amount of unknown factors that could conspire to affect your data, data loss of any type is something we cannot take responsibility for, even if the probability of it occurring for a well-maintained system and environment is incredibly low. Customers will find that this is standard across the majority of most PC warranty agreements for the aforementioned reasons.

We implore all our customers to regularly maintain at least two copies of critical data, preferably offsite. Always use internet security software such as Kaspersky or Trend Micro, and never open unverified email attachments.

V. The Warranty Process

If you believe that you are experiencing a hardware issue within the warranty period, please contact us. We will first try to troubleshoot it over the phone with you in order to get more information regarding what the issue could be. We will then advise you what the next step will be. Our aim is to resolve every valid warranty claim as quickly and easily as possible for our customers.

i. Sydney Metro Customers: Warranty replacements are usually done on-site by us personally, for your convenience and speed of resolution. In some cases we may need to return with your replacement parts, but we aim to have it resolved in one visit whenever possible.

ii. Non-Sydney Customers: Depending on the which components we suspect to be problematic, we will organise replacement parts to be sent out immediately. We may require the faulty part to be sent back to us. This applies to parts that don't require the whole tower to be swapped (eg. wi-fi adapter, screen, cable, keyboard etc).  For any situations whereby the problem is internal and not able to be fixed over the phone, you will be advised of the specific process at the time.  However, for situations where replacing the whole tower is absolutely necessary, you will be required to pack the PC tower in a box and post it back to our Sydney location. We do not reimburse you for this postage expense - you will need to incur it, as this expense varies widely across Australia. Upon receiving the tower back, we will immediately assess it and if there are no signs of abuse, neglect or tampering, we will send you a brand new one ASAP. Rest assured that we are extremely committed to making our customers happy, so in the very rare event of requiring a new tower, a fast and satisfying resolution for you will be our number one priority.

VI. Our Assurance

Our quality products and commitment to excellent customer service will ensure that you can enjoy your purchase with confidence. If there is anything in this Warranty Agreement that is unclear to you, please call us prior to purchase and we will be happy to assist.