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Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Desktops

We sell made-to-order desktop PCs. It is unquestionably the best way to get a higher quality PC for a lower price.

We offer customers a way to choose their own PC specs, then our IT experts fully assemble their PC using the best brand components, such as Intel, ASUS, Samsung, Toshiba and Kingston , to name a few.

Mass-produced PCs are usually assembled from various parts in China and then sold to customers via retail channels with a high mark-up. Our IT technicians, on the other hand, personally assemble your PC in Australia from better components based on your requirements. We give you the best options for each component so that you can completely customise your PC to your needs. Alternatively you can just pick one of our desktop PC packages and buy it.

Your PC is loaded with Windows 10 Professional, and sent to you via Australia's best courier service for free.

Easy. We have two PC builders - one for home & office and one for gaming. You can start at the beginning of those step-by-step builders and select what you want at each stage, then review a summary and checkout. Alternatively, you can start with one of our PC packages which has options pre-selected, and you can purchase them as they are or make a few changes and then checkout.

Our number one goal is to make everything simple for you. If there is anything that you're not sure about - no problem! Just contact us and we'll give you clear options and help you get exactly what you need for the best price.

All our PCs come with the latest version of Windows 10 Pro 64 bit edition. Your genuine Microsoft product key is included on your tax invoice for your records.

Yes. Just select the Microsoft Office Pro 2016 software option when reviewing your PC options prior to checkout.

Compared to the big retailers, you will always save money by buying a PC from us with comparable specs. Exactly how much money depends on what you choose. The better the components you choose, the more you save. See our computer retail price comparison section, where we compare our products against several major retailers.

If a budget has been set for buying a PC, customers can either pocket the savings or a choose far superior machine for the same spend.

Almost always, this is a case of not comparing apples with apples. Sometimes retailers lead you to believe that something is an apple, but it is really an orange.

Surprisingly, there are many products that are presented as desktop PCs, yet are actually constructed from laptop/notebook parts, not desktop parts - and putting them inside a dekstop case isn't going to change that! Pretty sneaky, don't you think? You're essentially buying a laptop with inferior performance and durability compared to the genuine desktop PCs that we sell. If you've found a retail desktop listing somewhere else that you like, we welcome you to chat to us about it, because you will do better with us.

Absolutely. We are IT experts with years of experience in many sectors. If you need help with placing an order, or just have a general question, feel free to contact us via phone, live chat or email [email protected].

If you have specialised or industry-specific computer requirements that are beyond the scope of our online options, feel free to contact us to discuss what you need. We can customise a PC to suit your specific requirements.

Home, Office & Professional:

If you consider what you need the PC for, then selecting a PC will be very easy. Think of the programs you use and see what the minimum requirements are to run them. If unsure, chat to us. By considering what you need, you are less likely to waste money on thing you don't need. If we gave another tip, it would be this: with computers, there are often big jumps in performance that can be achieved by spending a little bit extra on certain components. Ideally, your desktop should last for years. If your budget allows, going up a level with a processor or selecting a bit more memory (RAM) or a Solid State Drive (SSD) will be worth it.

Gaming Desktop:

Never has marketing been such a dominant factor with consumer choices in any industry as it is in the gaming PC industry. People end up paying for things that literally make no difference whatsoever. If you want a plug-and-play system with excellent performance, don't get caught up in elaborate cooling systems, overclocking equations or 'NASA Program' marketing. We all have limited time and money to work with. So if you want to invest more in your gaming rig, this is our tip: spend it on the best graphics card and processor you can. Always prioritise these two elements, rather than fighter jet-styled RAM sticks or eking out a few more megabits from an industrial-strength SSD.

Order Information

Yes, all of it. We are based in Sydney and provide PCs nation-wide, from capital cities to regional towns.

We accept Visa & Mastercard via our secure Commonwealth Bank payment gateway at checkout.

We send your PC via the method that best suits your location, which will differ. This is usually by courier, but can be AusPost Parcel Post in some cases due to their big resources. We personally contact you to discuss and confirm delivery details. We dedicate a set-time every day to check the status of each and every order being tracked to ensure smooth delivery.

We build and ship your PC within 72 hours of receiving your paid order. From that point, please just allow for time in transit depending on your location.

Warranty & Support

Yes. We will troubleshoot hardware issues with you, and replace any faulty parts within the warranty period in the unlikely event that there is a fault. If you are having any problems with your PC functioning normally, please contact us.

Although we will always try to helpful to our valued customers, software is excluded from our warranty and support. For software issues or support, you will be able to use your Microsoft product key to get support directly from Microsoft for Windows or Office in order to resolve any software issues.

We're currently developing an extremely helpful help section that shows you how to set these things up in quick & simple steps.

This is part of our new help section. Until it is published, feel free to contact us and we'd be glad to assist.

Yes. All our products are covered by a 2-year hardware replacement warranty. You can extend this warranty to 3 years prior to checkout.

Microsoft software is excluded from our warranty, but you can use your product key to get support directly from Microsoft should you have any Windows or Office issues. In our experience, it is a very rare event that you would actually need Microsoft support for Windows 10 or Office 2016. You can read our warranty here.

We build our PCs so well that hardware failures are very rare. Nevertheless, things can happen.

We can organise a return with you in the event that the hardware is damaged on arrival during transit, or there is a hardware fault that has occurred under normal usage conditions that you notify us of within the warranty period. Returns will be accepted for the purpose of providing a replacement, not for a refund. We do not refund purchases. Once you notify us of a potential problem, we will troubleshoot it with you over the phone in order to understand more about the issue. From there, we will organise a course of action with you to get it resolved.

For any PC or component returned, we will promptly provide a quality replacement.

Software is excluded from our warranty and Microsoft software issues are not a grounds for returns. You will find that this is generally standard across all PC retailers. You will be able to get support directly from Microsoft to help resolve any Microsoft-related issues.

For any concerns or return enquiries, please contact us to talk about it. If something isn’t working as it should despite our rigorous testing, we want to know about it and make sure that you are happy.

For full order-related terms, please read our Warranty Agreement and Terms & Conditions.